Thursday, January 14, 2010

Homework assignment for next week

Telling your own story through symbol:

Find an object that represents you. It can be a photograph, or a toy, or a rock, or a twig – whatever speaks to you. Then bring your object to class and come prepared to tell your group the following:

1- What is it?
2- If this object could speak, what story would this object tell us about you?
3- How do you experience God in this object?


  1. Hello, friends! I am an English Education graduate student at the University and as such will not be able to attend the classes in person. I had planned to make it to the opening session, but a friend of mine was in need of some TLC and I took the call. I will look forward to seeing you all at other St. Paul's events!

    My name is Maggie Thornton and I'm from a small town in Southwestern Virginia (Shawsville, it's okay if you haven't heard of it). I came to UVA for undergrad, left for a year to do AmeriCorps, and now I'm back for graduate school. During my undergraduate days, I lived in the Canterbury House and that provided my introduction to the wonderful St. Paul's community.

    For my object, were I able to bring it, would be the fiddle Santa Clause brought me the Christmas I was fourteen. I'm the least talented in a long line of family musicians. My grandfather and father both have both won awards for their musical talents on the dobro, banjo, and dulcimer. I think my fiddle would attest to the musical legacy I've not quite inherited, but it would also speak to the way folk music opens up communities. When I lived in West Virginia, I found the easiest way to make friends was to pull out my old friend and do my best to saw along.

    Music provides my deepest connection to God, be it shaped note singing or the beautiful music I can hear Albrecht practicing at night (I live right next door to St. Paul's at Chi Omega). Being able to make my own sacred music makes a little worship service every time I rosin up my bow.

    So, that is my introduction. I very much look forward to hearing from everyone and getting to know you all.


  2. Maggie,
    Thanks for sharing this journey with us on line. Your fiddle sounds wonderful!

  3. I honestly didn't read this before last week's class. My object was my guitar, for some reasons similar to yours. Welcome to the class!