Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Laws of the Hebrew Scriptures

A few examples… and there are many more:

Child rearing: take to the city gates an unruly child, who is rebellious and stubborn toward his or her parents, and stone said child to death. (Deut 21:18-21).

If you capture a woman in warfare, you may rape her if you shave her head, paint her nails and let her stay in your house for a month so she may mourn her parents, whom you presumably have killed (Deut 21:10).

Homosexual men (women are never mentioned) should be put to death (Lev 20:13) as an “abomination.”

When a man has sexual relations with another man’s female slave the rapist must pay one ram as a “guilt offering” for use of the slave (Lev 19:20-21).

Witchcraft is forbidden (Lev 19:26) along with tattoos (Lev 19:27). No wizards, either (Lev. 19: 31).

Haircuts which round off the hair on your temple is forbidden, nor are you allowed to trim your beard (Lev. 19: 27).

In the morning, you are required to get up and out of bed before anyone older than you in the household, and no talking back to old people, either (Lev. 19:32).

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